Ellen Booth Church
Early childhood educator, keynote speaker, writer and product consultant.

Clients have included

  • Scholastic Publications (Books & Magazine)
  • Disney (Books & TV)
  • Environments (toys and products)
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Nelvana (children's TV)
  • Zula Patrol (Children's TV)
  • Weston Woods Film Institute
  • USKids-Readers Digest
  • Little Tikes
  • HBO Family


Great Start Collaborative Conference Alpena, Michigan May 18, 2018
"Everyone, including myself, so truly appreciated and recognized your natural talent and breadth of knowledge regarding how to TRULY regard children in individual and developmentally appropriate ways--to TRULY support THEIR journey through the most important early learning years.  

Your honesty, sincerity, and passion was palpable.  We loved you!!!"

Angela Bruning

Great Start Collaborative Coordinator
Alpena Montmorency Alcona Educational Service District 

Rethasia Early Childhood Summit July 11-13, 2016
"Ellen's been such a great delight to meet and work with.  Her ability to bring sessions to life with songs, activities and really useful ideas for the classroom was very well received among our participants.  Ever so diligent, Ellen works hard from pre- to post-event to impart from her wealth of knowledge and contribute to the overall success of the event.  We are indeed very thankful and honoured to have her presence at our event.
Thanks once again, for being such a gem at our event!  I'm still humming your song in my head from time to time now, and I'm sure the delegates are too! :)"
Warmest regards,

Joyce Tan  
Head (Operations)Rethasia International

Crespino-Bramlage Early Childhood Development Lecture Series
Ellen Booth Church- Keynote Speaker

"Our event was geared towards parents of children 0-5 years of age and our topic was The Power of Play. We had a small group of parents but Ellen made it worth their while. She made the parents feel comfortable, it was a very intimate lecture between Ellen and the parents. She started the lecture off with a song about saying hello with different parts of your body or of the things you were wearing, surprising enough the parents joined in eagerly. Ellen spoke about different ways of playing with your child while at home, in the car or on a walk. She taught us that you don’t need to buy all these expensive toys for your child to play with and that they just need you, someone that cares. Ellen really related to the parents with her own experiences and how she still remembers those moments of play with her parents/grandparents. Ellen helped the parents understand that the child’s imagination is a great thing and that we should all encourage children to use this magical tool as often as possible.
Ellen was an extremely incredible speaker she is so playful and inspiring. I love that she embraces children and that we too can learn from them. She left me motivated and ready to take on parenthood. I highly recommend Ellen as a keynote speaker. I’m actually thinking what we could use her for next!"

Mallorie Larson
Joplin Family YMCA
510 S. Wall
Joplin, MO. 64801

"Ellen Booth Church was a delight to have as the keynote speaker at our third annual Symposium. Her warmth, knowledge, experience, and professional demeanor was enthusiastically received by over 150 educators. She engaged the audience, led an additional breakout session for those who wanted more, and returned the next morning for an exclusive parent workshop on brain building play. Ellen was a pleasure to work with."
Rochelle Golomb                                                  

Assistant Director, Early Childhood Education

Jewish Community Alliance (JCA) Jacksonville, FL

As a speaker, Ellen Booth Church brings a wealth of knowledge along with her lifelong experiences to inspire and motivate educators. Through her warmth and sincerity, she connects beautifully with her audience. I highly recommend Ellen as a dynamic speaker!”
                                                             Alissa Levey Baugh  
                                                             Start Seeing Diversity Conference             
                                                             San Antonio, Texas 
“For over 15 years, Ellen Booth Church has contributed to the Environments, Inc. mission of celebrating the early childhood experience. As a consultant, author, and presenter, she has assisted us with product development, professional presentations, workshops, staff development, and content for Environments printed resources. In addition to her vast knowledge and experience, Ellen brings joy, energy, dedication, and strength of purpose to all of her work.”

                                                                Mary Hampton Campbell
                                                                Director of Research & Development
                                                                Environments, Inc.